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Lynn, the appliance guy, says: It’s The Little Things…
It’s not just about the appliance business. Anyone can sell appliances, but not everyone can provide the personalized service that we do. It’s not just business… It’s personal! These are just a few of the little things that we do everyday to make it personal.
…that make it Personal.”


Sales Department Services

  • Convenient delivery scheduling
  • Clean up of area before and after installation
  • Covering of surfaces while moving appliances
  • Complete removal and disposal of all packing material
  • Complete installation including water, gas and electrical connections
  • The best quality installation materials ie: copper or stainless. No plastic
  • Clean up of new appliance
  • Operational check of new appliance
  • Follow up phone calls checking installation and operation
  • Thank you cards mailed to customers
  • Warranty service if needed
  • Continued service and parts needs for the life of the appliance
  • Intermediary between manufactures for big problems or lemons
  • Appliance operation and maintenance education
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